How our courses work

Sign up and get started

Signing up and getting started for your course is simple, safe and secure. Select the courses you need and click the checkout button. You will be directed to our secure checkout page to enter your student and payment information.

That's it! We automatically log you into your classroom where you will be prompted to create a password. You can then choose to start studying right away, take the exam right away, or come back later. You will keep access to your online classroom indefinantly, and have an unlimited amount of time to finish your courses.

Studying for the Exam

Our Exams are built on the latest American Heart Association guidlines. You can study from the AHA provider manuals, and/or study from the AHA guidelined based material that we provide you within your online classroom. Our online classroom can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and is designed for easy navigation and studying on any device. We also provide you with the ACLS Mobile app to study on your tablet or phone when you don't have that internet connection.

AHA Provider manuals can be added to your course for an additional fee, if you decide that you'd like to study from the hard copy.

Taking the Exam

Our exams are 100% online, graded instantly, and reviewable instanlty. Once you complete the exam, it will be graded within milli-seconds and you will be taken to the exam review page. On the exam review page, a summary will show up telling you your score and whether or not you passed. You can choose to conitue reviewing your test, question by question, or simply exit back to your classroom.

Our exams are based on the latest AHA guidelines. ACLS and PALS exams are 50 questions and you need 90% or better to pass. The BLS exam is 30 questions, an you also need 90% or better to pass. If you should fail any of your exams, don't worry, unlimited exam retakes are included on every course.

Getting your provider cards

Once you pass an exam, you get your cards by two methods:

2 Hard Copy Cards in the mail

Once you have passed your exam, we will send you 2 hard copy cards in the mail. Hard copy cards are mailed monday-saturday, the day you complete your exam. We also send you a certificate of completion. All shipping is free!

PDF accessible through the online classroom

Once you exit your passed exam, you will be sent back to your online classroom. From your classroom, you simply select the course you just completed, and click print my cards. This will allow you to download a PDF printable copy of your provider card.