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California ACLS, PALS & BLS Certification

For the fast, convenient and smarter way to get your ACLS, PALS & BLS Certification or renewal, choose our 100% AHA Guidelined Based online classes.

California ACLS Certification Courses:

ACLS Certification:ACLS Certification $225 and ACLS Renewal $160 ACLS courses carry a certification that lasts for 2 years. A renewal course can only be taken by someone who has already taken an initial certification course. Enroll in your ACLS course Now!

PALS Certification:PALS Certification $225 and PALS Recertification $160We provide the American Heart Association PALS provider manual at no cost with all PALS classes. Study with our practice tests to prepare for the 50 question final exam. Enroll in your PALS course Now!

BLS Certification:BLS Certification$95 and BLS Recertification $65 The BLS Certification course is good for two years. BLS Can be added to any ACLS or PALS Course, or can be ordered separately. Our BLS classes are the most convenient and easiest way to obtain your BLS Certification. Enroll in your BLS course Now!

Welcome to the California ACLS Training Institute

We offer complete Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification and recertification. Our ACLS training is online, and includes the complete official American Heart Association ACLS Student Manual. These manuals provide the ACLS study guide experience the American Heart association (AHA) intends for students. With our ACLS practice tests, you can ensure that when you take the final ACLS test, you are ready to pass. Our ACLS test was written and is updated by a team of medical professionals dedicated to high quality ACLS certification. Our ACLS courses are based on the latest 2016 American Heart Association Guidelines, and are provided for you to get the ACLS Certification or ACLS renewal you need, on your time, without sacrificing the integrity of ACLS.

All Classes are based on AHA 2016 Guidelines

Our training includes the latest, complete Official American Heart Association (AHA) Provider Manual. This is not a condensed version that is missing 20% to 30% or more of the information that you may need. We provide you with the latest up to date and complete ACLS, PALS & BLS manuals and information available. Not only are our courses based on AHA guidelines, but our courses also meet or exceed the standards governing traditional AHA training.

ACLS Certification or Recertification the smarter way!

When it comes to ACLS, you shouldn't sacrifice the quality of your certification or re-certification, nor should you have to sacrifice your time, especially your weekend! We carefully walk you through ACLS algorithms and challenging emergency scenarios to rigorously test and improve your skills. Our ACLS practice tests are randomized, challenging, intuitive and can be taken an unlimited number of times. We also provide you with the full official AHA ACLS provider manual. We do these things to allow you to study on your own time, and earn the challenging ACLS certification when you feel prepared. Don't spend 12 or more hours in a rigid classroom environment half asleep. With our online ACLS course program, we let you do it the smarter way, your way.

We offer PALS Certification and Renewal

We also offer California medical professionals Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Certification and Recertification. Our training and testing modules are designed to be intuitive and user friendly. No need to worry about how to schedule the class time, register and get your PALS certification today!

We offer BLS Certification and Renewal

California medical professionals can receive their Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification or Recertification. Many medical professionals will need their BLS certificate prior to starting work. You can quickly and easily register, take your training and certification, then print your provider card instantly. After taking any of our certification courses we help you stay certified by offering a reminder service. Prior to your certification expiring we will send you a reminder, making sure that your certification stays current.

California ACLS Courses are accepted nationwide!

Not only are our courses accepted across California, but also across the nation, and the globe. California ACLS provides courses to thousands of medical professionals across the state every year, and we are proud of our 98% acceptance rate. Like anything, everyone has thier own preference. Many Medical Profesionals are finding our courses to be not only convienent, but hastle free aswell.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike the traditional classroom, if you are unsatisfied with your California ACLS course, you can get your money back. If you are unsatisfied or do not get the certification you need, getting a refund is as simple as asking. We won't hassle you or try to deny you, because if you are not satisfied, then neither are we. Our students, you, are what make us successfull. Without satisfied students, we wouldn't be here, and that is why we will continue to do everything in our power to keep you on track with your certification and satisfied with the service you get!