ACLS Algorithms

The California ACLS Training Institute offers Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification and recertification courses. ACLS is designed to prepare medical professionals for proper intervention of life threateing emergencies, primarily cardiac arrest, but also other emergencies such as stroke. ACLS course information includes or relies on information from BLS courses and because of this, BLS content is included in our ACLS certification and recertification courses. If you do not choose our training program, BLS is often a prerequisite to ACLS, and you should consider taking a BLS course prior to enrollment in ACLS.

Both ACLS Certification and BLS certification include algorithms that when executed properly, can greatly improve survival rates for patients in life threatening situations. These algorithms provide medical emergency care providers with a simple resources that allows them to navigate the process for an emergency situation quickly. Algorithms accomplish this by putting actions into a flow chart as steps based on current conditions of the patient. These ACLS Algorithms are available in our ACLS Certification and renewal classes, as well as the AHA provider manuals, and are also available below for your reference.

ACLS Algorithms available below

The following algorithms are available for reference. For an indepth exploration of these algorithms please refer to the study material available with our courses. This includes online study material as well as the official AHA ACLS provider manual.

Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm

pulseless arrest ACLS Algorithm

Acute Coronary Syndrome Algorithm

Acute Coronary Syndrome Algorithm

Simple Adult BLS Algorithm

Simple BLS Algorithm

Adult Suspected Stroke Algorithm

adult suspected stroke algorithm